Care on your own terms, we will meet you at your home. Regular residence Assisted living facilities, Independent living facilities.

Concierge Program

We know patients want better health, more care, and greater outcomes. At the same time, we also believe that patients like to have their healthcare on their own terms. Because of this we have created a comprehensive suite of concierge solutions supported by our virtual visits, remote telemonitoring  and our state-of-the-art mobile care unit that transforms the patient location into a hospital- like environment without leaving home.

Why leaving the comfort of your home and expose yourself to other’s illness?. No more unnecessary visits to Urgent care centers or Emergency Departments. No more stress trying to find a same day appointment with your Primary care doctor.

One sentence says it all ” We will come to you “

Here at Auxin we believe care should be around you and not you around care. Our technology-enabled solutions, expert providers and robust programs guaranties best in class health care delivery and satisfaction.

We offer different plans that are customized to your needs and your family.