Virtual Clinic

Virtual Clinic Program

Our healthcare landscape has changed and will continue to evolve in the years to come.  Patients and providers are now comfortable receiving and performing Virtual visits.  Our Virtual Clinic Program creates an innovative model of care that adapts to our current situation but more importantly propel  us  towards the future of health care visits.

More visits by a health care provider increase health outcomes. One (1)  visit per month has been proven to increase healthy days, by improving chronic disease management and decreasing hospitalizations.

In our Virtual Clinic Program , Auxin partners with the patient’s Primary Care Provider (PCP) to provide anything from 6 to 12 scheduled virtual visits  per year. Auxin virtual visit team will also provided emergency visits to the enrolled patients on demand.

Our Virtual Clinic Program is supported by our Remote Patient Monitoring program and our Hospital At Home Mobile Unit. Furthermore this allow PCP’s to have a more comprehensive virtual visits  and perform diagnostics and treatment as needed to avoid visits to the Emergency department and further Hospitalizations.

At Auxin health we break the geographic and transportation barriers for health care. We tailor our programs to efficiently provide virtual visits anytime, anywhere 24/7.